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ABL Performer Rigging Systems

Outside Trunnion

Outside Trunnion

Inside Trunnion

Inside Trunion

Single Dump Rigging

Single Dump Rigging

Archless Rigging

Archless Rigging

Features & Benefits

  • Lighter and stronger
  • Faster cycles
  • Lower parts inventory
  • Extended component life
  • No lubrication
  • Increased dump height
  • Performer™ Smoothside dump blocks
  • Warranty

Lighter & Stronger

Fewer Pieces

  • Integrated Function
  • Increased payload

Controlled Movement

  • Designed for full movement while limiting "banging"

High Strength Alloys

  • High lubricity bushings
  • Hard face wear bosses
  • Proprietary metallurgy & heat treating

Increased Dump Height - Faster Dump Cycles

Unique rigging design  uses less hoist chain and fewer pieces to dramatically increase dump height.

  • Shorter rigging affords shorter dump rope
  • Less whipping and better rope alignment
  • Unique rigging geometry balances load
  • Distributed more to the arch and ring

Lower Parts Inventory

  • Integrated function components
  • Only two pin sizes
  • Increased payload

Extended Component Life

  • Equalized wear
  • Overlay
  • Wear bosses
  • Less collisions and whipping

No Lubrication

  • Factory sealed dump block
  • No dump rope lubrication
  • No rigging lubrication
  • Less environmental impact

ABL Performer™ Rigging: A Value-Added Alternative

ABL Performer rigging offers the highest value:

  • Fewer pieces in the rigging makes it lighter for higher capacity bucket.
  • Fewer pieces in the rigging make it shorter for increased dump height.
  • Dump blocks are stronger, with domed sideplates and a straight shaft.
  • Provides longer dump rope life with rope guides and an improved sheave design.
  • Less dump rope damage with smoother sideplate design.
  • Lower maintenance costs - no lubrication.
  • Lower support inventory.
  • Increased production with faster cycle times.
  • Operates longer with less maintenance.
  • Guaranteed not to fail.

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