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Waterjet Cutting

ABL offers precision material cutting services utilizing a state-of-the-art Flow Mach 500 CNC waterjet. This CNC precision waterjet cutting system cuts virtually any material, in 3-D shapes to thicknesses of 12”, lengths up to 204”+, widths to 84”+. ABL’s Mach 500 waterjet is the world’s quickest waterjet with the industry’s leading pressure, velocity, and acceleration. This improves production and maximizes value for the customer.

ABL’s Mach 500 Waterjet Specifications:

Model: Flow Mach 500
Date of manufacture: 12/2018
Table size: 10’ x 20’
Z travel: 12”
Cutting Head: 5-axis Dynamic XD
Rapid traverse: 700 IPM
Linear accuracy: .0015 in/3 ft.
Repeatability: .001 in
Pressure: 94,000 psi max
Velocity: 2550 mph max
Acceleration: 0.1g
2-D cuts: material up to 12” x 120” x 240”
3-D cuts: material up to 12” x 84” x 204”

Advantages of ABL’s CNC Waterjet Cutting:

  • Cuts virtually any material: metals, alloys, composites, plastics, glass, stone, etc.

  • Large table size to handle materials up to 10’ x 20’, 12” thick

  • 5-axis, 3-D shape cutting capability

  • Waterjet cutting is a cold-cut with no heat affected zones; unlike laser, plasma, and Oxy/Fuel

  • No case hardened edges on cut materials

  • 5-axis cutting head eliminates edge taper

  • Precision tolerances much better than traditional cutting methods - similar to laser

  • Quick set-up time for short runs, rapid response

  • Precision nest cutting for high quantity production runs

Visit with your ABL representative to learn more about our waterjet cutting services, as well as our full-service machine and fabrication capabilities. Our services are supported by a team of experienced technicians and professionals who are eager to work with you in an effort to achieve your goals.