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ProLok Dragline Drum Sockets

The ProLok socket system for dragline drums is a safe and proven alternative to OEM rope clamps used to secure wire ropes on dragline drums. The ProLok drum sockets mount directly to the rope drum and eliminate the OEM rope clamps. Only two simple hand tools are required to secure and release the wire rope from the ProLok drum socket. Heavy 1-1/2” impacts and multiple rope clamps are eliminated therefore reducing the time to change ropes and improving the safety aspects of the rope change process.

ABL’s ProLok drum sockets can be found on (60) draglines in operation, ranging from small draglines using 1-7/8” rope to the largest draglines running 5” rope. ABL has engineered and sold ProLok drum sockets for most popular dragline models: BE, Marion, Page, and P&H.

ABL has ProLok drum sockets installed on the following draglines:
BE: 650B, 1250, 1260, 1350, 1360, 1370, 1450, 1500, 1570, 2550, 2570
Marion: 7500, 7820, 8050, 8200, 8750
Page/P&H: 736, 740, 757

ABL’s ProLok drum sockets include comprehensive installation instructions and rope change procedures. In addition, ABL provides on-site support for the installation of ProLok sockets and training for their safe operation.

Visit with an ABL representative for more details on a ProLok drum socket system engineered for your dragline.

ABL ProLok: US Patent #7231956B2 & #7231957B2; other patents pending