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ProLok Dragline Dump Rope Sockets

The ProLok socket system for dragline dump ropes is a safe and proven alternative to conventional wedge style sockets. Unlike conventional wire rope sockets, the ProLok socket does not require the rope to be wrapped around a heavy steel wedge. This reduces the length of rope required for socketing and eliminates the dangerous stored energy developed by looping the rope around a conventional rope wedge. In addition, the ProLok sockets typically weigh less than half of their conventional counterparts. The reduced weight of the sockets has been proven to extend rope life and reduce the overall suspended weight of bucket rigging. Dramatic improvements in dump rope life and rope change time are consistently observed.

With ABL’s ProLok dump rope socket system, maintenance personnel will never have to hammer out a steel wedge and remove rope from a socket. When it comes time to change dump ropes, maintenance simply cuts the dump rope and unpins the ProLok dump sockets. ABL supplies a new, pre-cut dump rope with ProLok sockets ready to pin up.

Visit with an ABL representative for more details on a ProLok dump rope socket system engineered for your dragline.