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Power Cable Sales & Repair

ABL Services Inc. has been selling and repairing power cable for over 35 years. ABL provides power cable service for numerous industries; including mining, industrial, manufacturing, and dredging. ABL offers on-site power cable repair with a complete, self-contained cable repair trailer equipped with the proper tools & personnel to perform on-site power cable repairs, splices, and terminations.

ABL custom manufactures support equipment for electrical high voltage applications. ABL also stocks and sells many of the repair supplies, clamps and other parts related to power cable.

Contact your sales representative with your requirements and ABL will deliver a quality product, in a fast turnaround time at a competitive price.

Power Cable Sales & Repair

Power Cable Sales & Repair
ABL Cable Repair Shop in Farmington, NM

Power Cable Sales & Repair
ABL Cable Repair shop in Tyler, TX