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ABL ProLok Dragline Drum Socket

The Problem: Securing ropes to dragline drum (traditional rope clamps result in unsafe, time consuming re-ropes and can lead to rope slippage)

The Solution: ABL’s ProLok, Quick-Releasing Drum Socket

Installation: Welds directly to the drum or drum flange depending on the application

The Process: Weld pull loop to the end of the rope and use tugger to pull terminated rope to the drum and through the socket. Make sure the two lid retainer bolts are tightened. Next, the rope locking assembly is installed in the socket and secured by pulling on the rope. The socket will then be ready for operation. To re-socket the rope, simply loosen the two lid bolts allowing it to freely move outward to release the rope and wedges. 

The Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for OEM rope clamps
  • Dramatically reduces re-rope time
  • Improves safety(No climbing & cumbersome tools such as impacts required)