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ABL ProLok Quick-Change Drag Socket

  • Safer: no stored energy in rope tailout, no hammering required, no handling of heavy wedges
  • Faster: fast, consistent rope changes, resocket in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional sockets
  • Lighter: weighs 30%-40% less than a conventional socket & wedge
  • Improved Rope Life: less rope required; no 8’-10’ tailout, shorter, lighter socket reduces rope damage/broken strands in front of socket

Rope Installation

1. Place (1) locking wedge on lower ramp inside locking case.

2. Pull rope thru locking case and install second locking wedge on top of rope. Rope should extend approx. 7” past locking wedges.

3. Install load ring against locking wedges approx. 6” from tail of rope.

4. Place locking case inside drag socket.

5. Install (2) locking case retainer bars. Slide bars through square holes provided on socket side plates.

6. Install (4) retainer bolts. These bolts just thread into the retainer bars. They do not go thru the retainer bars. The bolt heads prevent the retainer bars from moving side-to-side.

7. Using a dozer, IT, tractor, etc., pull rope away from socket to seat locking wedges.

8. Install safety ring on rope just outside of socket.

Rope Removal

1. Remove load ring & safety ring. Retain for future use.

2. Cut rope in front of socket.

3. Remove (4) retainer bolts.

4. Remove both retainer bars. Bars can be cut and replaced if any problem arises removing the bolts and/or bars.

5. Lift locking case out of socket.

Once the used locking case is removed from the socket, it can be sent to ABL for refurbishment. On receipt, ABL will remove the trapped rope and locking wedges from the locking case. ABL will clean out the locking case, magnaflux, inspect, and make any necessary repairs to ensure the case is to specifications. The locking case will be painted and returned to the customer with a new set of locking wedges ready to install. Mine personnel will never have to remove rope from the socket. No hammering will ever be required.